Tactical Mapping Tool (TMT)

Tactical Mapping Tool

As part of the Rawabet Initiative , our regional partner New Tactics in Human Rights have developed and launched the Tactical Mapping Tool A new, free online mapping tool that makes it possible for individuals, groups or entire organizations to work collaboratively to develop strategic, targeted and effective action, streamlining the path to change.

Available in English and Arabic, the Tactical Mapping Tool (TMT) allows activists to work cooperatively on a secure platform to assemble a database of key actors; assess where those actors sit on a spectrum from ally to opponent; analyze targets for effective intervention; and track and plan direct action. Users will also enter background information on individuals and relationships intersecting with their issue, and save reports to log a “tactical history,” eliminating the risk of loss of knowledge when a member of the group departs—a critical component, given that turnover of staff at organizations and burnout among activists remain high.

The TMT will be used through out the Initiative by Rawabet Change Makers to help develop their Rawabet Community Action in Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.