The Rawabet initiative is strongly committed to working in partnership with local organizations from the Middle-East and North Africa to effectively achieve its goals.

  • New Tactics

    New Tactics in Human Rights, a program of the Center for Victims of Torture, emerged as a creator of tactics, a leader of coalitions, and as a center that advocates for the protection of human rights from a unique position – one of healing and of reclaiming civic leadership. Since 1999, New Tactics has created unique resources – organized around the analysis of potential solutions rather than that of specific issues, geographic regions, or target groups – that allow activists to clearly recognize the unique elements of their situation, and to seek promising approaches that have worked elsewhere in order to apply them to new regions or issues. Since the program’s creation, human rights activists from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have participated in New Tactics in Human Rights activities, including regional workshops, an International Symposium, web-based discussions, publication development, and more. These activists encouraged New Tactics to provide more focused training and resources in the region. In 2009, New Tactics launched an initiative to support MENA human rights activists. Since its launch, the New Tactics in Human Rights MENA Initiative has reached more than 2,145 human rights activists from over 305 organizations in 13 countries and provided subgrants to 16 organizations in seven countries to implement advocacy campaigns.

  • ruwwad


    Ruwwad al-Tanmeya

    Ruwwad Al Tanmeya helps disenfranchised communities overcome marginalization through youth activism, civic engagement and education. Founded by Jordanian businessman Fadi Ghandour and a group of business entrepreneurs, Ruwwad Al Tanmeya is currently supported by Aramex, Cairo Amman Bank and Royana Association. Ruwwad Al Tanmeya establishes community empowerment centers in marginalized areas, in order to offer youth educational scholarships in return for community service across three programs: Children, youth and community. Over the years, Ruwwad Al Tanmeya’s operations have grown to encompass Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt.

  • TuMed


    Centre Tunisien Méditerranéen - TuMed

    TuMed is a Tunisian non-governmental organization created in 2012. Since its creation, the center works building the capacity of local civil society to actively participate in public life and local affairs. The center has developed partnerships with 120 local Tunisian associations. Through its partnerships, important actions to promote women's participation have been carried out in more than a dozen governorates.

  • Association marocaine pour l’éducation de la jeunesse


    Association marocaine pour l’éducation de la jeunesse (AMEJ)

    AMEJ is a national, non-governmental cultural organization working with youth to develop their sense of citizenship and awareness about democracy, human rights and tolerance. AMEJ conducts activities at the national and international levels that allow young men and women to exchange, debate and suggest actions on local cultural, social, political and economic issues, giving value to their participation and engaging them in local democratic governance.

  • The Horus Foundation for Development and Training


    Horus Foundation for Development and Training

    The Horus Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to improve social development and active participation, focusing on basic needs, but also on educational guidance for children as well as youth women. Horus also supports marginalized groups, especially in the Upper Egypt area. Horus’ experience in the field of human rights has led them to aim for a society led by the principles of justice and equality.

  • Global Affairs Canada

    Government of Canada - Global Affairs Canada

    The Rawabet Initiative is made possible with the support of Global Affairs Canada.