Human Rights Education

There are a number of ways you can contribute to building more inclusive, diverse, rights-respecting and safer communities. Whether you are looking to lead an activity to engage your community, connect with other youth changemakers to garner a greater impact, or as a decision-maker, participate in conversations to resolve issues important to your constituency, this is the space to learn more about what you can do as an everyday citizen to effect positive change.

For changemakers

There are different ways individuals like you can lead change in your community. Small gestures and everyday deeds can have broad impact, like calling out discriminatory behaviors, using more inclusive language, recognizing our own prejudices, fighting gender stereotyping, avoiding generalizations about people whose origins or beliefs are different from our own, being inclusive of everybody in all our activities.

There are also collective actions that you can lead or partake in with other youth and community members. With your friends, fellow students or members of your youth club or group, you could be proactive in building an inclusive community by generating awareness of issues that are important to you and your community, like organizing round-table discussions, using art to denounce an injustice, leading a campaign on social media, participating in an event, or being mentors to other youth.

Whatever your ideas are for an inclusive community, find examples on how you can get more involved in your community by searching by topic or tools. Share your individual deeds or collective actions with others!

For decision-makers

Ultimately, a number of key people in decision-making positions need to be persuaded to support the changes you seek. Similarly, as decision-makers you need to be able to persuade a number of key people that the changes you seek are indeed needed. Decision-makers and influencers, whether you are politicians, policy advisors, public servants, local councilors, business persons, or recognized leaders (e.g., Imam, school principals, respected elders), you have influence over whether or not change will occur in the community. Identifying and engaging with key people is vital to the success of desired changes.

This space helps bring together decision-makers, influencers, highly motivated youth leaders, and local organizations engaged in advocating for change to unfair policies and practices, as well as provides good practices, tools, and opportunities to foster constructive dialogue and promote human-rights based change. This space is open to decision-makers!

For communities

Whatever actions you take to benefit your community, the members of your community should be part of the conversation and be engaged in these actions. Working with the community enables its members to participate together in resolving the problems they share. By working with the community, youth changemakers like yourself can ensure that your efforts are connected to the needs of the people you serve. Involving community members in promoting human rights-based policies empowers and supports individuals to take part in collective actions to achieve change.

Building communities with members aware of their rights can shift attitudes and behaviors. Engaging important sectors of the community will help make the community safer and more inclusive.

This site outlines the different ways Rawabet can help your community members become more engaged in actions for their own benefit. This space focuses on why and how communities can become more inclusive, diverse, rights-respecting and safer.