You Still Young

The initiative is addressing girls' marriage phenomenon in Jebel al-Nathef area in Amman, Jordan as a direct violation of their right to education that they may be completely deprived of. ''You Still Young'' seeks to contribute to the reduction of this phenomenon through a series of interactive awareness sessions are being developed and implemented by a group of young leaders involved in Rawabet initiative. Part of these sessions will target a number of high school girl students in the community while the other part will target the parents, both men, and women in the community.


The initiative seeks to reduce the number of underage marriages at a School in ''Jebel Al-Nathif'' area through raising the awareness of students about the importance of education and their basic right in it, as well as seeking to increase public awareness among parents in the community about the issue of underage marriage by clarifying their role in reducing this negative phenomenon and addressing its dangers.