I am a Girl not a Bride

The youth-led community action "I am a child and not a bride" is aimed at preventing child marriage in Taounat city, Morocco. Due to poverty, girls in Taounate city are subject to early marriage between the age of 12 and 17 years. This violates their right to education and right to life and wellbeing. This phenomenon is permeated by the misinterpretation of article 20 of the family code in Morocco. This community action will mobilize female and male youth from a Secondary school of Tawnat area communities to raise awareness on harms of early marriage. At the national level, the initiatives will network with main stakeholders to promote the initiative and engage as one key actor in the national movement against early marriage.


The initiative has two main objectives: At the national level, the initiative plans to become one active member of the national campaign against early marriage through networking and advocacy activities implemented in Fes. At the local level, the initiative aims to prevent any drop out of girls before completion of secondary education due to early marriage in the period January to June 2019