We are changemakers!

Changemakers are ordinary folks who affect the lives of the people around them in extraordinary ways. As changemakers, we care about the wellbeing of all members of our communities and our actions have a positive impact across the Middle-East and North Africa region. As engaged youth, committed women, dedicated persons with disabilities, often from disenfranchised neighbourhoods, we are involved in innumerable ways to improve the human rights of our fellow citizens and make our communities safer and more peaceful. When we act together we can change the world. Rawabet is for changemakers!

A space for changemakers!

Rawabet recognizes that having a meaningful voice matters. Having that voice heard empowers people to act. is a space to get inspired, explore issues related to social and economic rights, share innovative ideas, obtain essential resources, and learn how to be an effective changemaker for your community! This site is where your voice can be heard and your actions, showcased.